We are a company based in South Korea. We have been producing and exporting Rayon and Acetate faux furs for over a decade already. Such fabric as Rayon furs which is a regenerated yarn, can be produced by only a few companies in the world. We are one of the few that produces such fabric.

  Demands on such fabric on world market were predominantly occupied by European companies until recently. But now, the same creativeness and elegant designs of fake furs from Europe is being produced by Sung Shin R & A. We are expanding our global markets with added quality control and market expansion.

In this day and age, we strongly feel that the animal shouldn ' t be harvested due to their skin purpose only. Rayon & Acetate are the great substitutions for natural animal skins. We believe, over the period of time, Rayon and Acetate faux fur will be one of the most important part of garment industry.