The main products, faux fur, can be used for fashionable women's, men's and children's wear like coats, jackets. Also it can be used as lining for all outerwear. The customers started to implement faux fur in items in such as in trims, hats, bags, scarves and shoes and for home decoration products like cushions, pillows, carpets and bed spreads.
We have 2 kinds of core materials. One being Rayon fur and the other being Acetate fur.
1. Rayon
- Regenerated yarn.
- Back side woven.
- Environment-friendly.
- The most natural looking and feeling in comparison with original lamb fur.
2. Acetate
- Synthetic yarn.
- Back side woven
- Shiny fur.
- Softer hand feel.
- Long lasting embossing effect versus Rayon
Each material has its own different characters but we have challenged ourselves to make faux fur as close as humanly possible to natural animal skin.